UIC Radial 8XT Dual Span & Triple Span Radial Sequencer/Inserters Machine Mechanical System

Universal UIC AI Auto Insert Replacement Parts Through Hole Thru hole Inserter Spare Part side b

1. X-Y Positioning System

The X-Y positioning system locates the printed circuit board under the insertion tooling and may be equipped with a rotary indexing table that indexes in 90° increments, from 0° to 360° in a clockwise rotation. When the machine is configured with automatic board handling, the table can rotate a full 180° or 270° without 90° stops. This rotary table is air motor driven under pattern program control and requires less than one second to execute each 90° rotation.

2. Insertion Head Drive

The insertion head drives are servo driven and controlled for precise and rapid component insertion. The insertion tooling may be rotated in 1° increments from 0° to 360°. Mechanical limits prevent the head from rotating between 101° and 159°.

However, components may be inserted at 101° to159° by either: 1) loading the component on the dispensing head at 180° and reversing the direction of the insertion head (ie. 165° head rotation becomes 345°);

or 2) rotating the table (ie. 165° head rotation becomes 75° after indexing table 90°). User friendly product editorsoftware simplifies programming in 1° increments.

3. Component Transfer Assembly

The Component Transfer Assembly (CTA) transfers components from the component carrier clips to the insertion head tooling.

4. Cut and Clinch Assembly

The cut and clinch is servo driven and controlled for rapid and precise positioning during the cut and clinch process. This positioning corresponds to the programmed insertion head rotation.

The cut and clinch operates in a two stage fashion. The full down clearance for the radial clinch is approximately 15.8mm (0.622″), and the mid-position clearance is approximately 7.62mm (0.300″).

5. Component Sequencer Module

The sequencer module stores, dispenses, and transports the components to the insertion area. Sequencer sizes are available in increments of 20 component stations (i.e., 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100) up to a maximum of 100 stations. Electrostatic dissipative material for component input stations and low part sensors is available as an option.

Low part sensors located on the sequencer module provide the operator with advanced warning of low components. Stopping the insertion process for component reloading is not necessary due to this advanced warning. Low parts status is displayed on both the P.C. monitor and the tower attached to each component sequencer module.

Component dispensing heads are available to accept either 12.7 mm or 15 mm pitch component input tape. The 12.7 mm and 15 mm dispensing heads are interchangeable in any combination and quantity. (Component dispensing heads are ordered separately. See Optional Features.)

6. Machine Light Tower

The machine light tower indicates the operational status of the machine with the following color lights. Each of the lights and the audio alert are user programmable.

  • Audio Alert Module
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • 7. Tool Kits

    A kit containing basic hand tools and common hardware items is included with each machine.

    An optional Site Calibration Tool Kit contains special tools required for machine calibration, only one kit is required per customer site.