One Box, All SMT Spare Parts.

Zhongshan office:
RM 906, Baosheng Commerce and Trading Centre,
No.3 Nanlong RD, Sanxiang
Zhongshan, P.R.China. 528463

Zhuhai office:
RM1307, Anhui Building
No.3094 Mingzhu Nan RD
Zhuhai, P.R.China. 519020

Shenzhen office:
RM 1206, Han Haida Building
No.7 Songgang Ave.
Shenzhen, P.R.China. 518105

Tel: (86)755-237-01860
Managing Director: Liu Ren Jun

Company Registration Number: 1576397
Twitter: @SMTBOX_INC
Google+: @SMTBOX INC. Sales Team

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