Section 5 – Specifying the head setup of Part 3: Entering FUJI NXT Configuration Data

FUJI NXT Scalable Placement Platform side b SMTBOX INC.

Making settings in the [Head Setup] tab is not normally necessary. The head setup will be automatically reconfigured based upon the nozzles in the nozzle changer during optimization.

1. Select the [Top] or [Bottom] tab from the job information bar depending on which side of the panel the machine is located for which the configuration data needs to be edited.

2. Double-click the name of the line to display the machines in that line.

3. Double-click the name of the NXT machine to set the configuration file for to display the items for that machine.

4. Double-click [Configuration] under the machines name and a window displays in the data area.

5. There are several tabs at the bottom of the [Machine Configuration] pane. Select the [Head Setup] tab.

6. Use the [Module] drop-down list to select the desired module to display.

7. Click the position data field and then the arrow to display a drop-down list of the available nozzles. Click to select the desired nozzle for that position.

Note: It is possible to specify nozzles for multiple positions at a time. Select the multiple nozzle positions for the head and then right-click in the window. Select [Select Nozzles] and then select the desired nozzle for the selected positions from the drop-down list and click [OK].

8. Repeat the previous step until all of the desired nozzles for the positions have been set.

9. If any other heads need to have nozzles set, return to step 6 and select the new module on which the next head is set.