7.1 Introduction Of 7. Fujitrax And The NXT FUJI

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

FUJI NXT is designed to support Fujitrax Verifier functionality with no special hardware modifications being required.

This allows the extra protection provided by Fujitrax Verifier to be added to the factory with a minimum of fuss and trouble while providing a high level of feeder verification and potential to reduce downtime.

There are two main functions for Fujitrax Verifier that is covered in this manual.

There are many other functions available in the software that are covered in detail in the Fujitrax Verifier Operation Manual.

The two main functions covered in this manual is feeder/part verification and low parts management.

It is important to point out that Fujitrax procedures have not really been changed for the NXT.

The biggest change was the line configuration setup for the NXT in Verfier. The main difference on the machine side for the NXT regarding Fujitrax is the ease of feeder checks and feeder detection.