8.1 Introduction Of 8. Fujitrax Verifier on FUJI NXT

FUJI NXT Scalable Placement Platform side b SMTBOX INC.

Fujitrax Verifier is used to perform two main functions. The first main function is feeder/part verification. The other major function is parts management. There are many other functions available through Fujitrax Verifier, however these will not be covered in this manual because they are not different for the NXT machine. For information on these functions and details on the items here, refer to the Fujitrax Verifier Operation Manual.

The feeder/part verification function is basically the same for the NXT from the software side, however the checking of the feeder set on the machine is different from most Fuji machines.

This change enables feeder changeover to be checked quicker and with less operator intervention.

Parts management informs the operators when parts are going to run out. One of the biggest changes in regards to resupply is that the machine does not need to be stopped when feeders are replaced. This allows an operator to prepare a new feeder with parts before the parts run out and as soon as they run out, the feeder can be switched without stopping the machine. Another feature due to the feeder system, is the support for splicing with Fujitrax. Fujitrax will inform the operator that a certain feeder needs to be spliced.

The operator gets the new parts and brings it to the correct feeder position. Before splicing, a splicing verification check is performed to ensure the part is correct and then the new reel is spliced to the old reel and placed on the feeder.