6.7 Testing Skip Mark Data In The Job Of 6. Editing Jobs on the Machine on FUJI NXT

It is possible to test the skip mark data in a job for board skip marks and global skip marks. It is important to test the data because the skip mark read level that is used to determine if a skip mark is present or not must be manually set. Due to color and reflective differences between panels for jobs, a level that is good for one job might not be good for another job.

Thus it is important to test the data to ensure that the marks are correctly detected and there are no false detections.

1. Click [Start] and then point to [Programs] – [Fuji NXT Accessory] and then click [MEdit].

MEdit is started and the MEdit window displays.

2. Select [Open Current Job] from the [File] menu. The [Acquire current production job] dialog box displays.

3. Select the line with the machine for the job to be edited and then select the machine.

The name of the selected job is automatically displayed in the [Job Name] dialog box.

4. Select the side of the panel to be edited and specify the machine for which to edit the data from the drop-down list.

5. Click [Open] and the specified data from the job is opened.

6. Load the panel to be tested into the module to be used.

7. Push MANUAL on the operation panel of the module to be tested to change to manual mode.

The module must be in manual mode or the following steps cannot be performed.

8. Select [Board Skip Mark Read Test] from the [Tools] menu. The [Board Skip Mark Read Test] dialog box opens and the skip mark data in the job is displayed.

6.7 Testing Skip Mark Data In The Job Of 6. Editing Jobs on the Machine on FUJI NXT

9. Specify the module to perform the the read test on from the drop-down list.

10.Change the [Test] setting to “Yes” for the data that is to be tested. If an image is also to be displayed, change the [Image] setting to “Yes”.

11.Click [Start Test] and the results of the test display in red.

12.If skip marks are misidentified, check the result number and then click [Quit] to close the dialog box and then edit the data in MEdit based on the test results.

13.Retransmit the job back to the machine and then run the test read again. Repeat until the skip marks are correctly identified.