6.3.2 Viewing Saved Vision Error Images Of 6. Editing Jobs On The Machine On FUJI NXT


Once an error image has been sent to Accessory Software, it can be displayed in any client accessing Accessory Software. The details of the error and the image are displayed by following the procedures below.

1. From Floor Monitor, select the module from which to view error images and then click the vision processing error analysis icon for that machine. The [Vision processing error analysis] screen is displayed with information for all of the saved images for the selected module.

Click [Enlarge] below a image to display that image larger.

Click the blue text for the error code to display details about that error code.

If there are more pictures than can fit on one page, multiple page numbers are displayed at the bottom of the page. Click the other page number to display the images for that page.

The image can be opened/saved by clicking on it. If VPDplus and VPDplus launcher have been installed on the computer, then the image is opened in VPDplus and the vision data can be edited.