6.3 Correcting Vision Errors Sent From FUJI NXT

FUJI NXT Scalable Placement Platform side b SMTBOX INC.

From NXT V2.81 and higher, it is possible to make settings that if a vision error occurs for a particular feeder position, then the vision error image will automatically be sent to the Accessory Software Server.

In Accessory Software, the image can then be opened with VPDplus and used to check the error condtion and make any corrections as necessary.

The data is then sent back to the job in the global server. Once it has been saved back in the job, MEdit is then used to retransmited the edited job back to the machine.

This function is very useful to help troubleshoot vision data issues with parts that have intermediate vision errors.

Note: It is not recommended to make settings so that any vision error is set to the Accessory Software Server for all slots. This is due to the fact that when a vision error occurs and the image is to be saved to the Accessory Software Server, the module pauses production while the image is being sent to Accessory Software. If many vision errors occur, then production can be delayed while waiting for the images to be sent to the server. This is mainly designed to be a troubleshooting tool only.