6.3.3 Opening And Editing Vision Data Using Saved Images Of 6. Editing Jobs On The Machine On FUJI NXT

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

If VPDplus and VPDplus Launcher have been installed on the computer accessing the Accessory Software, then it is possible to open and edit the vision data for the part using VPDplus and then reflect any changes back to the job in the server. It is important to note the following two points.

VPDplus must be installed on the computer. If the limited-function free version is installed, then only the functions available from that version can be used. If the licensed version of VPDplus is installed and the license is present, then those functions for that version can be used (such as fit and vision test). Refer to the VPDplus Installation Manual for details on installing VPDplus.

VPDplus Launcher must be installed on the computer. This software links the images to the shape data and to VPDplus. This software is available from the download section of the Accessory Software website. If not installed, then download and install it before attempting to open an image.

1. From Floor Monitor, select the module from which to view error images and then click the vision processing error analysis icon for that machine. The [Vision processing error analysis] screen is displayed with information for all of the saved images for the selected module.

2. Display the image of the part to be edited with VPDplus.

3. Click the image and a [File Download] dialog box is displayed.

4. Select [Open] and the image is opened using VPDplus.

5. Edit the data as necessary. For details on editing items in VPDplus, refer to the VPDplus Operation Manual or online help.

Note: If using a licensed version of VPDplus, be sure to perform a vision test of the edited settings before saving them back to the job and restarting production.

6. Once editing is completed, select [Update Shape Data] from the [File] menu. A confirmation message box is displayed.

7. Click [Yes] and the edited vision data is saved to the job.

8. Close VPDplus.