6.1 Introduction Of 6. Editing Jobs On The Machine On Fuji NXT

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

If panels are in a FUJI NXT machine, it is not possible to edit the job and then transmit the edited job back to the foreground in the machine using Fuji Flexa.

Instead, MEdit is used to edit jobs that are on machines. The job data that can be edited in MEdit is “safe” to change while there are panels in the machine. If Fuji Flexa is used to edit the job, data that can cause problems for partially produced panels can be changed and when the job is sent to the machine, production problems occur.

For example, if a job is reoptimized, it is possible that the feeder setup and insert order across modules will be changed. If a partially produced panel is in the machine, parts that were previously placed might be placed again on the panel or there may be missing parts. MEdit limits the things that can be changed to prevent these sort of problems from happening. In addition, MEdit also provides some specialized functions for working with the FUJI NXT such as the skip functions and the job test function.

In addition to MEdit, VPDplus can also be used to edit vision data for parts. The NXT application CD has a special limited-function free version of VPDplus that allows some of
the basic VPDplus editing functions to be used if a VPDplus license is not available. Do not use this version if licensed “normal” VPDplus software is on the computer already.

There is one point about MEdit that should be understood. When the current job that is in the machine is opened in MEdit, the actual data from the machine is not being accessed.

MEdit checks what job is in the machine and then opens the matching job in the global directory.

The procedures provided in this chapter are basic procedures for MEdit. For details on MEdit and using it, refer to the MEdit Operation Manual.