6.2.1 Skipping Boards (NXT V3.10 And Higher) Of 6.2 Skipping Items On FUJI NXT

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If always a particular board in a panel production lot needs to be skipped for some reason, it is easy to specify a skip for this board for the production lot. There are a few important points that should be addressed when using this function.

When the board to be skipped is specified for the first module, that board is skipped in all modules after the first module.

The skip setting is only applied to new panels which means that the setting is not applied to any panels already loaded.

Job board skip settings and board skips due to skip marks cannot be overridden by this function.

Machine configuration settings must be made for this function to be enabled and panel conveyance time in increased (around 300 ms) when this setting is enabled.

If a certain board is to always be skipped for all production lots, then skip the board in the job with Fuji Flexa.

If the boards to be skipped are not set (changes from panel to panel), then use skip marks to skip the required boards.

Specifying the machine configuration setting to enable this function.

1. Start Accessory Software and click the name of the machine for which to change the setting in Floor Monitor.

2. If necessary, specify a user ID from the drop-down list and enter a password for the specified user and click [Log on]. The machine accessories page is displayed.

3. Click [Machine Configuration] in the [Menu] pane. Accessory Software connects to the machine and receives the machine information. When completed, the settings page is displayed.

4. Select [Skip boards at the machine setting] from the [Category] drop-down list. The settings for this category are then displayed.

5. Select the [ON] option for the [Skip boards at the machine] setting.

6. Click [Send to Machine] to send the new setting to the machine. The setting is enabled once the completed message is displayed.

Skipping a board at the machine.

1. Before loading the panel belonging to the lot for which board skipping is to be performed, verify that no panels exist inside the first module, and push CYCLE STOP to stop production.

2. Start MEdit and select [Board skip] from the [Tool] menu. The [Board skip] dialog box is displayed.

3. Select the factory, line, NXT machine and then first module in the [Module list]. A list of the available boards and lanes is displayed in the [Board skip settings] list.

4. Select the checkboxes for the lane and boards to be skipped.

5. Click [OK] to apply the skip settings and then close MEdit.

Note: The new skip setting is only applied to panels that are loaded in the module after this setting is made.

6. Begin production and load the panels for which the board skip is to be applied.

When boards are specified to be skipped, the skipped boards are displayed in the operation panels on the modules. Confirm that the boards to be skipped are correct. Be sure to remove the skip setting when switching to a production lot in which the previously skipped board is to be produced.