5.3.1 Changing The Current Job Of 5.3 General Procedures For 5. Transmission On Fuji NXT

FUJI NXT H8 Nozzle Head Unit side b

The current job is the job that is used when production is started.

The other job for the selected lane is considered to be the next job.

Follow the procedures below to change the next job into the current job, however the machine must be at the main page for this operation to be successful.

If any other page is selected, then an error occurs when performing the following procedures. The job can also be switched at the modules.

1. Double-click the factory folder from [Transmission Control] to display the target line, and then double-click the line to display the machines in that line.

2. Double-click the machine name to display the lanes for that machine.

3. Double-click the lane for which to change the job and the current job and next job display in a list.

4. Right-click the job name to be changed and select [Switch Recipe] from the shortcut menu.

5. A dialog box displays with the status of the change. Click [OK] to close the dialog box.