5.2.2 Dragging And Dropping Jobs To Transmit Of 5.2 Transmitting For 5. Transmission on FUJI NXT

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

Follow the procedures below to transmit a job to the NXT by dragging and dropping the job in the Transmission Control view.

1. With the Transmission Control window displayed, drag the desired job from the global directory in the job pane and drop it on either the NXT line, machine, or lane in the Factory/Line pane.

Note: If the job is dropped on a lane, then that line, machine, and lane are automatically selected in the [Transmit Job] dialog box. If the job was just dropped on the NXT machine, then both lanes for the NXT are automatically selected.

2. The [Transmit Job] dialog box displays. In [Job:], the selected job is automatically selected. Select the side of the panel to transmit.

3. The line and machine the job was dropped on is automatically selected. The machines to which can transmitted have a small panel icon to the left of the machine nickname.

The machines for which the job is not ready to be transmitted or jobs that are from the local job directory have small panel icon with a red X across it.

Note: A job from the local job directory cannot be transmitted to any NXT machines. Only jobs from the global job directory can be transmitted.

4. Select the lanes to which to send the job from the [Lane] drop-down list. If the job was dropped on a lane, then that lane is automatically selected.

5. Select any desired options from the bottom of the dialog box and click [Send] to transmit.

6. During transmission, the [Transmission Status] dialog box displays. This dialog box displays the job and machines. The transmission status is displayed to the right of the machine nickname. If any errors occur, click [Error Details] to display further information about the errors. Click [Close] to close the dialog box when transmission is completed.

Note: The job name displays in the list of programs at the machine with the job name and a T for the top side and B for the bottom side and the revision displays before these items.