5.2.1 Transmitting A Job From Job Builder Of 5.2 Transmitting For 5. Transmission on FUJI NXT

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Follow the procedures below to transmit a currently opened global job to the NXT from within Job Builder. Be sure to save the job before transmitting.

1. Select [Transmit] from the [Tools] menu.

Note: The currently opened job can only be transmitted to the line that is used in the job.

2. The [Transmit Options] dialog box displays. Select the desired options and click [OK].

3. Select the machine to which to transmit and click [Start].

4. During transmission, the [Transmit] dialog box displays. This dialog box displays the transmission status. If any errors occur, click [Error Details] to display further information about the errors. Click [Close] to close the dialog box when transmission is completed.

Note: The lane to which the job is transmitted is determined by the lane for which the job was optimized for the NXT machine.

Note: The job name displays in the list of programs at the machine with the job name and a T for the top side and B for the bottom side and the revision displays before these items.