5.1 Introduction of 5. Transmission on FUJI NXT SMT Equipment


Transmission is used to send data between Fuji Flexa and the FUJI NXT machines. The most common use of Transmission is to send jobs to the modules on the FUJI NXT.

Transmission for the FUJI NXT does not require outside communication programs such as an NTCC or SECS/GEM host server.

From FUJI NXT control software V2.70, a basic data check of the job is performed during transmission.

The FUJI NXT is different from previous Fuji machines in that the job is sent to the modules, not recipes. In addition, there is only two positions for jobs, current job and next job.

On FUJI NXT machines with double conveyors, there is an additional set of separate positions for jobs for the second lane. It is possible to run the machine with two different jobs, one for lane 1 and the other for lane 2.

The FUJI NXT does not have any calibration data or spec data like previous Fuji machines.

Special FUJI NXT data and configuration settings is received, managed, and transmitted to the machine through Accessory Software. Refer to the Accessory Software Operation Manual for more details on this subject.