4.8 Conditions For Installation On Yamaha I-Pulse M4S Chip Mounter

Yamaha I pulse Feeder F1 84 000321A LG4 M1A00 000 side b

Power Supply: Only the secondary side is factory-prepared.

The power cable (VCT 4×3.5mm2 or equivalent) to the terminal block of the machine is to be prepared by customers.

Air Supply: The air hose with a female coupler is to be prepared by customers.

Machine side coupler Hicoupler 20PM of Nitto Koki (factory-installed)

Hose side coupler Hicoupler 65SN (ID6.5/OD10) or 85SN (ID8.5/OD12.5) of Nitto

Koki (to be prepared by customers)