4.7 Other Standard Features Controls On Yamaha I-Pulse M4S Chip Mounter

Yamaha I pulse M1 M2 M4 M6 M7 M8 24mm Feeder F1 24 LG4 M6A00 010

1) Alarm Devices: Buzzer and Signal Tower

Signal_Tower_Green_Yellow_Red_(White)_And_Buzzer_Hazard_Sound_Warning_Sound On Yamaha I-Pulse M4S Chip Mounter

2) 100V Outlet (for the tape cutter)

Front Station (1A) 1 outlet

Rear Station (1A) 1 outlet

3) USB Port (Ver. 1.00, 12Mbbs, 1 each on front and rear)

To be used for a barcode reader for Intelligent Feeder System and a USB memory for data backup

Not applicable for devices other than those recommended by i-PULSE

4) Auto Nozzle Changer

ANC20, accommodating 20 nozzles

5) Rear Fixed Camera, 1st

FC05, FC03 or FC02 can be chosen.

6) Buffer Stopper

A set of input and output buffers

7) BGA/CSP Scan Recognition

Adds BGA/CSP high-speed placement ability to the normal scan camera.

8) CE Marking

Conforms to European safety specifications

9) Intelligent Feeder Bank

Licenses for Intelligent Feeder System to be required separately