3-2. Problem 2: Absorption Error Due To Air Leak

3-2. Problem 2: Absorption Error Due To Air Leak

Correction of the Absorption Point:

Above screenshots stand for Panasonic CM Mounter(left one) and Yamaha YS Mounter(right one).

Please adjust the mounter to ensure that the nozzle should absorb the correct point on the LEDs.

The absorption point can be corrected with the image recognition unit by aiming at the center of the hole on the bottom surface of the cavity.

Please refer to the following pictures for the image recognition unit.

By the presence of the lens, the contact area of a pick-and-place nozzle and the lens is limited, which sometimes causes air leak, resulting in absorption error.

In such cases, please change the absorption power into a more appropriate value.

Judging from Nichia’s evaluation results, the LEDs can be properly mounted by adjusting the absorption power from -40 to -90 kpa.