1.5.1. PCB production Of 1.5. Control System Specifications On Samsung CP-45F(V)/FS High Speed Component Placer

Samsung Advanced Flexible Component Placer CP-Series CP45F or FV CP45FS or FSV CP45F or FV/L CP45FS or FSV/L NEO

Embedded in the CP-45F/V and the CP-45FS is a high-speed CPU that provides the production and production management information of PCB, and is designated for creating and editing the production program as well. The system operation can reading be learned by using the MMI based on Windows 98.

1.5.1. PCB production

Program selection

The CP-45F/V and the 45FS has large-capacity hard disk (over 10.2 GB). Data can also be stored in a 3.5-inch floppy disk. The user can store the program or data either in a hard disk or a floppy disk.

Continuous production of PCB

The number of completed PCB’s produced is shown on the screen while PCB’s are being produced. The number of PCB’s to be produced and the number of components to be placed can be inputted, and the number of PCB’s currently being produced on the production management page can be shown on the screen.

Test driving functions

The correct coordinates of a component position can be obtained by temporarily placing the component and inputting the correct coordinates through a teaching box by tracking the position with a camera. In this case, the coordinates are adjusted relative to each other.

Production management information

The CP-45F/V and the CP-45FS provides the following basic production management information:

Number of completed PCB’s
Operating time (actual running time)
Stop time
Number of successfully placed components
Number of bad-marked PCB’s
Number of components supplied from each feeder