General Features For 1.2.4. The Pick & Place Cycle Time Of 1.2. Applicable Components and Packages on Samsung CP-45F(V)/FS

Figure 1-2. The Summary For Measuring The Tact Time (6 Heads Simultaneous Pickups, Each Heads Place)

Figure 1-2. The Summary for Measuring the Tact Time (6 Heads Simultaneous Pickups, Each heads place)

1.2.4. The Pick & Place Cycle Time

The descriptions given below refer to the best performance that can be obtained from the pick & place cycle time.

The actual cycle time can vary depending on the size of PCB, frequency of the nozzle replacement, etc. General Features


The optimum condition for the tact time is specified.

The placed Component : 1608 chip

Time Measurement

The measured time from the first pickups to return of the machine to the original position following the final placement.(Off-line time, i.e., the time for recognizing the fiducial mark, or PCB feed time, is excluded.)

Note: The above speed is for the pick & place cycle time under the optimum conditions (rounded off to 1msec). The experimental conditions is under using a very new equipment with a taped PCB at the factory site, therefore, in actual placement, it can vary according to the placement conditions.