Specification: Component Feeding Of ASM Siplace(Siemens) HF High-Flexibility SMD Placement System

Specification: Component Feeding Of ASM Siplace(Siemens) HF High-Flexibility SMD Placement System

1. Component Changeover Table


  • Automatic coupling and uncoupling
  • Combined interface for both electrical and pneumatic connections: Cables no longer have to be connected and disconnected manually
  • Precise alignment: Particularly important for small components
  • Easy to convert for other PCB transport heights
  • Tape reel diameter from 7“ up to 19“: High flexibility
  • Up to four component changeover tables may be coupled to the machine. Optionally, a matrix tray changer may be installed at locations 2 or 4.

    The component changeover tables are stand-alone mod- ules that can be set up at an external set-up area with feeders. In this way, changes only interrupt the production process for a short time. The chassis runs smoothly and is easy to maneuver. There are pockets for holding set-up list print-outs on both sides of the component changeover table. The operator has un- hindered access to the docu- ments, even during production. The component feeder table has a capacity of up to 15 locations for 30 mm wide feeders. The total capacity with four component changeover tables is thus 180 x 8 mm tracks. Bulk case feeders and vibra- tory stick feeders may be set up in addition to the tape feeders. Dummy feeders are used at unassigned locations to protect the operators. The communication unit sends the necessary voltages and control signals to the feeders. The component feeders are at rest during the placement process, which means that components can be refilled (in sticks, for example) and tapes may be spliced without stopping the machine. An optional component bar- code reader can be used to scan and check the barcodes on the tape reels, thus guar- anteeing that the compo- nents are allocated to the correct tracks.

    2. Component Changeover Table Technical Data

    Length x width 633 x 592 mm2

    859 mm for 830 mm PCB transport height
    929 mm for 900 mm PCB transport height
    959 mm for 930 mm PCB transport height
    979 mm for 950 mm PCB transport height

    PCB transport height:
    830 mm ± 15 mm (standard)
    900 mm ± 15 mm (SMEMA)
    930 mm ± 15 mm (SMEMA)
    950 mm ± 15 mm (SMEMA)

    without feeder approx. 105 kg
    with feeders at every location approx. 145 kg
    with compressed air supply for bulk case feeder and adapter for the 3rd tape reel approx. 170 kg

    Reel diameter:
    standard up to 432 mm (17“)
    maximum 483 mm (19“)

    Feeder locations: max. 15

    Changeover time: less than 1 min.

    3. Tape Feeders: Get quote from us!

    Only 9 different feeder sizes are needed to feed tapes from 8 mm to 88 mm. Reels are kept in the tape container on the component change- over table. A cutting device automatically cuts the used tape. SIPLACE feeders have short cycle times and high- precision pick-up positions. Even multiple products and small batch sizes are easy to handle since the feeders can be quickly changed over: Both the tape cycle incre- ment and the use of tape materials are variable. SIPLACE feeders are suitable for both paper and plastic tapes. This represents a sig- nificant benefit in terms of both cost and logistics. A signal from the communi- cation unit enables the feed- ers to automatically control the entire feeder sequence, including automatic strip take-up. The S feeders have shorter cycle times and can process tapes with a pocket pitch of 2 mm (8 mm S). The 8 mm S and 12/16 mm S also have a component cover. The feeders can also be used in other SIPLACE placement machines.

    Technical data

    Tape reels 178 – 483 mm diameter (7″ – 19″)

    Feeder cycle S feeder up to 20 mm transport distance <150 ms Packaging: Paper and blister tapes Model: 2 x 8 mm S a) | Location: 1 | Transport Distance(Pitch): 2/4 mm | Max. CO Height: 2.5 mm Model: 3 x 8 mm S | Location: 1 | Transport Distance(Pitch): 2/4 mm | Max. CO Height: 2.5 mm Model: 3 x 8 mm S b) | Location: 1 | Transport Distance(Pitch): 2/4 mm | Max. CO Height: 0.7 mm Model: 12/16 mm S | Location: 1 | Transport Distance(Pitch): 4/16 mm c) | Max. CO Height: 14 mm Packaging: Blister tapes Model: 24/32 mm S | Location: 1.5 | Transprort Distance(Pitch): 4/40 mm c) Model: 1 x 44 mm S | Location: 2.0 | Transprort Distance(Pitch): 4/52 mm c) Model: 1 x 56 mm S | Location: 2.5 | Transprort Distance(Pitch): 4/68 mm c) Model: 1 x 72 mm S | Location: 3 | Transprort Distance(Pitch): 4/80 mm c) Model: 1 x 88 mm S | Location: 3.5 | Transprort Distance(Pitch): 4/88 mm c) a) Fiducial for feeder position recognition; b) for 0201 and 0402 only; c) variable in 4 mm increments. 4. Bulk case feeder The SIPLACE bulk case feeder processes bulk cases on two tracks. It feeds rectangular and round, passive compo- nents. The PCB magazines (bulk cases) are simply replaced for refilling - with- out stopping the machine. The module essentially con- sists of the basic element plus two feeder rails and PCB mag- azines to suit the component type and height. The compo- nents are separated and fed along the rails by compressed air. The principle of the fixed component pocket has proven most suitable, even when using bulk cases: the vibrations that occur with other placement machine concepts can greatly impair the component quality due to friction, for example. The stationary component feeder also has significant advantages with stick maga- zines: the universal vibratory stick feeder can be refilled during placement. Location: 1 location for 2 different component types Vibratory stick feeder,type 3: with control circuit Number of tracks and width: 3 x 9.5 mm, 2 x 15 mm, 1 x > 15 mm and 1 x 30 mm
    Bulk case feeder a) packaging form: Feeder rails

    Bulk case:

  • Chip 0402, CO height: 0.35 mm
  • Chip 0402, CO height: 0.50 mm
  • Chip 0603, CO height: 0.45 mm
  • Chip 0603, CO height: 0.80 mm
  • Chip 0805, CO height: 0.45 mm
  • Chip 0805, CO height: 0.60 mm
  • Chip 0805, CO height: 0.85 mm
  • Chip 0805, CO height: 1.25 mm
  • Micro-Melf: 1.05 ± 0.05 mm
  • Mini-Melf: 1.4 ± 0.1 mm

    5. Dummy Feeders

    To ensure that your SIPLACE placement machine runs safely, a feeder must be assigned to every location on the component changeover table. If you do not have enough feeders, then you should use dummy feeders as space holders.

    The following dummy feeders may be used:

  • SIPLACE dummy feeder for 1 location
  • SIPLACE dummy feeder for 6 – 10 locations
  • SIPLACE dummy feeder for 11 – 20 locations