IP Bus Clock (J14) on Motorola MVME162P4 VME Embedded Controller

Header J14 selects the speed of the IP bus clock. The IP bus clock speed may be 8MHz or it may be set synchronous to the processor bus clock (25MHz or 32MHz for the MC68040 and MC68LC040). The default factory configuration has a jumper installed on pins 1-2, denoting an 8MHz clock.

If the jumper is installed on J14 pins 2-3, the IP bus clock speed matches that of the processor bus clock (25/32MHz), allowing the IP module to pace the MPU. Whether the setting is 8MHz or the processor bus clock speed, all IP ports operate at the same speed.

The setting of the IP32 bit in the Control/Status registers (Petra IP2 sector, register at offset $1D, bit 0) must correspond to that of the jumper. The bit is cleared (0) for 8MHz, or set (1) to match the processor bus clock speed. If the jumper and the CSR bit are not configured the same, the board may not run properly.

IP Bus Clock J14 on Motorola MVME162P4 VME Embedded Controller

Note: Model Number: MVME162P-344SE, Characteristics: 32MHz 68040, 16MB SDRAM, 2 SIO, 4 DMA IP, SCSI/Ethernet is used on Universal UIC HSP4797L Hitachi Sanyo TCM-X100 P.C.B. Mount 6300901030