SMT Nozzles of Fuji CP-842E CP842ME High-Speed Chip Placer

FUJI CP7 SMTSMDNozzle For CP 742ME 02CP 742E 01CP 732 2 SMTMachine

Nozzles are attached to each head, with the following nozzles being available for the CP-842E/842ME.

Plate: φ8

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.27 | Nozzle code: For 0402 (01005) parts

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.4 | Nozzle code: R08-004

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.4 | Nozzle code: R08-004 Length: 4.5 mm

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.4 | Nozzle code: R08-004T Tapered nozzle

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.45 | Nozzle code: KR08-0045T Supports close-proximity placement (for 0603 (0201))

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.7 | Nozzle code: R08-007

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.7 | Nozzle code: R08-007T Tapered nozzle For WL_CSP parts

#Nozzle diametre: φ0.8 | Nozzle code: KR08-008T Supports close-proximity placement (for 1005 (0402))

#Nozzle diametre: φ1.0 | Nozzle code: R08-010 For WL_CSP parts

#Nozzle diametre: φ1.2 | Nozzle code: KR08-012T Supports close-proximity placement (for 1608 (0603))

#Nozzle diametre: φ1.3 | Nozzle code: R08-013 M08-013*2

Plate: φ16

#Nozzle diametre: φ1.8 | Nozzle code: R16-018

#Nozzle diametre: φ2.5 | Nozzle code: R16-025 M16-025*2

#Nozzle diametre: φ3.7 | Nozzle code: R16-037

#Nozzle diametre: φ5.0 | Nozzle code: R16-050

Plate: 16 × 16 (black or white)

#Nozzle diametre: φ1.8 | Nozzle code: S16-018 B16-018

#Nozzle diametre: φ2.5 | Nozzle code: S16-025 B16-025

#Nozzle diametre: φ3.7 | Nozzle code: S16-037 B16-037

#Nozzle diametre: φ5.0 | Nozzle code: S16-050 B16-050

Plate: 21 × 21 (black)

#Nozzle diametre: φ5.0 | Nozzle code: B21-050

1. The meaning of the letters in the “Nozzle code” are detailed below.

R: Round plate (background lighting)

M: Round plate (background lighting, MELF compatible)

T: Round plate (background lighting, tapered nozzle)

K: Supports for close-proximity placement

S: Square plate (background and foreground lighting)

B: Square plate (foreground lighting)

2. Use MELF compatible nozzles for placing MELFs

3. Only a nozzle with a disk diameter of 16 mm or smaller can be positioned next to a nozzle with a disk size of 16 × 16 mm (black or white). Nozzles with disk sizes of 16 × 16 mm (black or white) cannot be set at neighboring positions. Only a nozzle with a disk diameter of 8 mm or smaller can be positioned next to a nozzle with a disk size of 21 × 21 mm (black). Nozzles with a diameter of 0.4 mm must be set on the head at any position other than position 1 (position 6 is recommended).

4. Depending on the shape and weight of the part, a different nozzle may be required.