Section 8 – Specifying the available feeders for a machine of Part 3: Entering FUJI NXT Configuration Data

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

By setting which feeders are available for the NXT machine, an unavailable feeder will not be selected when optimization is performed.

1. Select the [Top] or [Bottom] tab from the job information bar depending on the side of the panel the machine to be edited is located.

2. Double-click the name of the line to display the machines in that line.

3. Double-click the name of the machine to set the available feeders for to display the items for that machine.

4. Double-click [Configuration] under the machines name and a window displays in the data area.

5. There are several tabs at the bottom of the [Machine Configuration] pane. Select the [Feeder Available] tab and the available feeders for the machine display.

6. Double-click in the data cell under [Available] that is on the row for the desired feeder and a drop-down list displays. Select the “Yes” if that feeder is available for that machine, or “No” if the feeder is not available for that machine. Repeat until all of the available and unavailable feeders have been specified. The new settings will take effect the next time optimization is performed.