Prepare Machine and Install Vacuum Gauge of Vacuum Level Verification on UIC FlexJet Head Assembly 47541107 T47541107

Prepare Machine

Prepare the machine for vacuum verification using the following procedure.

1. Remove all nozzles from the spindles using the Head/Changer Nozzle Setup window. Refer to the Installation/Removal of Nozzles section in the Nozzle Tip Assembly module.

2. Remove the safety cover below the hinged cover.

3. Open the hinged cover to access the FlexJet Head.

4. Continue with the Install Vacuum Gauge section.

Install Vacuum Gauge

Use the following procedure to install the vacuum gauge.

1. If the vacuum gauge has an adapter designed to fit inside the Coupler Body, push the adapter into the bottom of the selected spindle.

2. If the vacuum gauge does not have an adapter designed to fit inside the Coupler Body, install a 10MPF nozzle in the spindle. Then install the gauge on the 10MPF nozzle.

3. Continue with the Verify Vacuum section.

The machine cover must remain open during this procedure to place the Interlock circuit in the violated state, disabling machine servo axes. Failure to comply could result in serious personal injury.