Part 6 – Assigning an alternate feeder of FUJI NXT Machine Setting Procedures

FUJI NXTIII SMT Placing Machine

The method for assigning a fixed alternate feeder for an NXT is different than other machines. For other machines an alternate feeder loop has to be created while for the NXT an extra feeder with the part is just added to the module and the NXT will automatically use this extra feeder as an alternate feeder and a loop does not have to be created. It is not possible to specify which feeder is to be used next for the NXT if there are two or more alternate feeders as this is decided by the machine. If using Fujitrax Verifier, use the dynamic alternate feeder function.

1. Select the [Top] or [Bottom] tab from the job information bar depending on which side of the panel the machine is located for which the configuration data needs to be edited.

2. Double-click the name of the line to display the machines in that line.

3. Double-click the name of the NXT machine to set the configuration file for to display the items for that machine.

4. Double-click [Configuration] under the machines name and a window displays in the data area.

5. There are several tabs at the bottom of the [Machine Configuration] pane. Click the [Feeder Setup] tab.

6. Select the module for which the alternate feeder is to be added.

7. Select the feeder position in which to add the alternate feeder by selecting the gray extreme left cell of that row for the feeder.

8. Right-click and select [Add Feeder] from the shortcut menu and the [Add Feeder] dialog box is displayed.

9. Select the part for which this feeder is to be the alternate feeder from the drop-down list and click [OK]. The extra feeder is added and the NXT will use this extra feeder as an alternate feeder.