Part 2 – MFU (Device) Origin Position D0 X/Y on FUJI QP-242E Placement Machine

MFU (Device) Origin Position D0 X-Axis Y-Axis of Measuring X-Axis and Y-Axis Proper Data on FUJI QP-242E Placement Machine

How to measure x-axis and y-axis proper data. Here is the description:

The MFU origin position sets the pulse count the head moves to when picking parts from the feeder.

1. Install the device jig in D1 on the MFU.

2. Attach a nozzle jig to the nozzle holder.

3. Move the head to a position where the nozzle jig fits smoothly into the device jig.

4. Press [SET] – [PROPER] – [ID CODE] – [Module No.] – [DEVICE] – [ORG POS] – [X/Y] – [SET].

5. After completion, be sure to receive the Proper data to the host computer.