Line Balancing on Job Builder of FUJI NXT Programming

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

Line balance is performed to balance the workload of each machine as much as possible.

Due to the unique nature of putting multiple NXT bases together to create one large NXT machine, the concept of line balancing has greatly changed for lines with only NXT bases.

For line with only NXT bases made up into one NXT machine, all parts will be simply assigned to the NXT machine. This will still be an important step for lines with multiple machines though.

Note: This means that if a NXT machine is the only machine in a line then the assign part command can be used to simply assign all of the parts to the NXT machine.

1. Select [Line Balance…] from the [Tools] menu and the [Line Balancer Options] dialog box displays.

2. Select the appropriate option and click [Start] to start the line balancing process and the [Line Balancer] dialog box displays with the current status of the balancing process.

If the option “Do not use current feeder allocation” is used, then all of the parts are assigned to the different machine without considering any parts already set in the feeder setups. If the option “Use current feeder allocation” is selected, then parts are assigned to machines while considering any parts already present in the feeder setup.

This means that if a part is already in the feeder setup for a machine, then the matching part is possibly assigned to that machine.

3. If there are any errors, click [Error Details…] to view the errors. Once completed, click [Close] to close the dialog box. If there were errors, note what the errors were and correct them and then rebalance the line again.