Light Emitting Diode LED SMT Placement and Typical SMD v.s. LED SMD

Typical Surface Mount Device (SMD) Vs High Power Led As A SMD

LED SMT Placement

• LEDs sometimes require specific process parameters for the best pick and place performance.

• This is due to the dome material and unbalanced weight distribution of some types of LED component.

• Vendor support and knowledge is typically needed to handle the LEDs and meet high-speed, high yield SMT manufacturing process expectations.

• Pick and Place refinement is some times needed to ensure LED components can be placed similar to the SMDs already being used.

Typical SMD vs. LED SMD

Typical Surface Mount Device (SMD)

• Easy to pick and place

• Standard device for many years (1980s)

• Flat , even surface for vacuum nozzles

• High yield, refined P&P process

• Visible solder joints for inspection

• Standard board sizes

High Power LED as a SMD

• Challenging to pick & place

• Relatively new device to the industry

• Domed lens can be sticky and easily damaged (scratched glass or silicon)

• “Binning” required assuring even lighting

• Hidden solder joints after reflow soldering

• Extra Long boards in some cases