Alarm List for the Stepping Motor ‘alpha’ STEP AS Series on Sony SI-F209

Sony SI-F209 Odd And Fine Components Placer

Signal monitor display

LED display
Display: Green
Function: Power display
Lighting conditions: Power supply is inputted.
Display: ALARM
Display: Red
Function: Alarm display
Lighting conditions: Protective function is activated.

Alarm contents
Number of flickering: 1
Function: Protection from overheat
Lighting conditions: The temperature of the radiator within the driver reaches approx. 85-degrees centigrade
Number of flickering: 2
Function: Protection from overload
Lighting conditions: The load over the maximum torque is applied for 5 sec or longer.
Number of flickering: 3
Function: Protection from overvoltage
Lighting conditions: The inverter primary voltage of the driver exceeds the allowable level.
Number of flickering: 4
Function: Protection from excessive speed difference
Lighting conditions: The motor cannot follow the pulse input normally.
Number of flickering: 5
Function: Protection from current
Lighting conditions: Excessive current flows to the power element in the inverter unit of the driver.

Number of flickering: 6
Function: Over Speed
Lighting conditions: The motor spindle rotates at 5000 r/min or more (excluding the geared motor).

Number of flickering: 7
Function: EEPROM data error
Lighting conditions: The motor parameter is damaged.

Number of flickering: 8
Function: Sensor error
Lighting conditions: Power supply is turned ON without connecting the motor cable to the driver.

Number of flickering: Continuous
Function: System error
Lighting conditions: The driver is out of order.