Kulicke & Soffa K&S Assembleon H-Drive manipulator

Kulicke & Soffa K&S Assembleon H-Drive manipulator

The H-Drive manipulator is a self-calibrating Cartesian robot with linear motors and encoders. The manipulator has two Y-axes and one X-axis, each with their own integrated controller and power stages. Special attention is given to the dynamic behaviour of the manipulator which is of great importance for the performance. Settling times are defined as the period between the end of the setpoint profile and the moment that the manipulator actually reaches the required position. If the position window is chosen smaller (e.g. for fine pitch components, requiring higher accuracy) the settling time will be longer. For the H-Drive manipulator, a cubic setpoint profile will be used. In a cubic setpoint profile the acceleration gradually increases and decreases as function of time. The X-slide of the manipulator has, on the front side, an interface which is configured with 2 placement heads and 1 digital fiducial camera.

Resolution X and Y motor: 1 micron

Acceleration X motor: 17 m/s2

Acceleration Y motors: 12 m/s2

Velocity X motor: 1.4 m/s

Velocity Y motors: 1.4 m/s

Max. stroke X motor: 660mm

Max. stroke Y motors: 1140mm