FlexJet Head Removal of UIC FlexJet Head Assembly 47541107 T47541107

Remove a FlexJet Head using the following procedure.

1. Park the FlexJet Head Assembly at a maintenance position.

2. Place the machine in the powered down mode. Then execute your site’s Lockout/Tagout procedure.

3. Open the hinged machine cover to access the FlexJet Head. Then remove the safety cover below the hinged cover.

4. Remove the FlexJet Head cover.

5. Remove the nozzles from Coupler Body Assemblies. Make sure to record the nozzle configuration.

6. Disconnect the HD INTF1 Cable Assembly and CAM INTF Cable Assembly.

7. Disconnect the HD INTF2 Cable Assembly last.

8. Disconnect the input pneumatic line from the FlexJet Head.

9. Disconnect the 3 video connectors from the PEC box.

10. Disconnect the 3 video connectors on CAM INTF Cable Assembly from IGUS Cable.

11. Connect the 3 video connectors on the IGUS Cable to the PEC Box.

12. Install the 2 screws and the handle to the Z-Axis Index Housing Assembly. Refer to the illustration to the left.

13. Loosen the 2 set screws and nuts in the mounting bracket on the left side of the FlexJet Head.

14. Remove the mounting bolts (from both the right and left side of the head) that secure the head to the mounting plate.

15. While firmly supporting the FlexJet Head, pull the head straight back from the mounting plate. If possible, use an ESD-dissipative foam pad between the head and the work surface.

Note: Removing the Plate and Baffle from the bottom of the head is recommended when working on a head apart from the machine. Otherwise, the weight of the head on an installed Baffle will probably break the Baffle.