Error Code: 207, 208, 209, 210, 211 on KNS Philips Assembleon ACM SMT Machine

KNS Assembleon TTF Twin Tpae Feeder R1.2

Error Code: 207

Error Text: Retry action failed

Description: The retry action is unsuccessful.

Cause: A machine or process error occurs during the retry action.

– Check error cause and solve error.
– Retry and continue.
– If the retry action still fails, restart the system and report error to your service representative.

Error Code: 208

Error Text: Error reason unknown

Description: The process controller signalized errors, but no errors where reported, so the reason of the error is unknown.

– Continue
– Report error to your service representative.

Error Code: 209

Error Text: Requested function can not be executed.

Description: The requested function (Calibration) can not be executed in this machine state.

Cause: A board is present in the machine. An error is not solved on the machine

– Solve error (skip board).
– Remove board out of machine (skip board or using run-out function).

Error Code: 210

Error Text: Sorry, this function (%1) has not been implemented (yet)

Description: A function was activated that has not been implemented in the current software version.

Cause: Functions that are not complete yet, should not be accessible for the user. By mistake, this function is reachable for the user.

– Clear the error, and do not use the function again, you should not be needing it.
– Report error to your service representative.

Error Code: 211

Error Text: System communication error on:%1

Description: An unexpected system error occurred.

– Retry and continue.
– Restart the system.
– Report error to your service representative.