Error Code: 118 / 119 / 120 on KNS Philips Assembleon ACM

KNS Assembleon TTF Twin Tpae Feeder R1.2

Error Code:118

Error Text: Usage of gripper with adapted support height needed for component %1.

Description: This odd component has to be handled by a gripper with an extended support-height, to avoid collision with the Fiducial camera.

Cause: This component is too large to be able to rotate it in the area near the FA-camera and the z-guidance.

Solution: Make sure this component is handled by a gripper with an extended support height, so when the head is in the upper position the top side of the component will not collide with the FA-camera or the Z-guidance of the head.

Error Code:119

Error Text: Component %1 can collide with an obstacle in the work area. Alternative title: Possible collision of component %1 with plate of feeder trolley.

Description: During handling of the component it may collide with a high obstacle in the work area.

Cause: This component must be handled with an extended gripper, therefore the lowest parts of the component may collide with high obstacles in the work area.

Solution: Verify that no such collision can occur.

Error Code:120

Error Text:Global fiducial %1 not measured before first reference.

Description: The placement of a component is corrected for deviations in the board position. This is calculated with the global fiducial alignment correction matrix specified for the component. The indicated fiducial is not measured before the first placement of a com.

Cause: There is no fiducial detection action for the indicated fiducial in the action spec before the first placement of a component that uses the fiducial correction matrix in which this fiducial is used.

Solution: Modify the action specification.