8.7.2 Splicing Tape for 8.7 Resupplying Parts During Production of 8. Fujitrax Verifier on FUJI NXT


Fujitrax Verfier issues parts out warnings based upon the user specified settings. When a parts out warning occurs and splicing is to be performed, the operator has time to get a new reel and splice it to the old reel before the parts run out. During splicing, a check is performed to ensure that the parts are correct. If the parts are correct, then the feeder status is automatically changed.

When using AVL data, splicing can be performed as long as the new tape being spliced to the old reel has the same part number as the original reel. If a different part is to be supplied, then the procedures for the next section 7.7.3 have to be followed so that the original feeder runs out of the parts and then the feeder is removed and a new feeder with the different parts is supplied.

1. A parts out warning is issued and seen from one of the various locations, the NXT operation panel, from one of the Kit Manager status displays, or from the Kit Handy Parts Status or Device Check screens.

2. Obtain a new reel of matching parts.

3. Start the Fuji Information Terminal and tap the Windows mark to display the [Start Menu]. Tap [Kit Handy] to display the [Log on] screen.

4. Enter the user ID and tap [OK]. It is possible to also scan the user ID. The Kit Handy menu displays.

5. Tap [Device Check] and the machine specification screen displays.

6. Enter or scan the name of the NXT machine on which to perform the splicing and tap [OK].

7. Tap [Mode] from near the top of the display and then tap [Splicing].

8. Tap the device to which to splice the new reel to select that device. This position should have an error icon and be a different color due to the error condition.

Note: If using 2 point verification mode on the Kit Handy, first scan the DID of the reel that the new parts are to be supplied to instead of selecting the splicing position from the screen.

9. Scan the DID of the new reel to be spliced. A check is performed and if the part is correct, a message box displays asking if splicing has been completed. From this point, splice the tape together. If an error occurs, the part is not correct and a different reel is needed.

10.Splice the tape together and wrap up the old tape on the new reel and set in the feeder.

For details on performing the actual splicing operation, refer to the NXT Operator Manual.

11.Tap [Yes] and the message box closes. The feeder status automatically changes.