8.2.3 Setting the NXT Fujitrax Configuration Settings For 8.2 Required Items Of 8. Fujitrax Verifier on FUJI NXT


Follow the steps below to change the setting on the NXT machine to work with the Fujitrax Verifier system.

1. Double-click the [Internet Explorer] icon on the desktop.

2. Enter the address (URL) “https:///fujiweb” and then press Enter. If the server computer is located and the server is running, a loading page displays. Once the necessary items have been loaded, the [Home] page displays. This page provides basic production information for the NXTs.

3. From Floor Monitor, click the machine or module number for the NXT for which Machine Accessories is to be used. The Machine Accessories log on page is displayed.

4. Enter or select a user ID from the drop-down list.

5. Enter the password for the user and click [Log on]. Once connected to the machine, the top diagram of the picture will match the machine that was selected. In the lower left side, the menu for possible actions displays. In the lower right side, the details for the selected item displays.

6. Click [Machine Configuration] from [Menu]. Accessory Software connects to the machine and receives the machine information. When completed, the settings page displays.

7. Select [Fujitrax Settings] from the [Category] drop-down list. When a category has been selected the settings shown under the list automatically change to the selected category.

8. Select the [ON] option for the [Use Verifier] setting.

9. Leave the other settings with their default settings unless special settings are required.

For details on the settings, refer to the NXT Accessory Software Operation Manual.

10.Once the settings have been completed, click [Send to Machine] to send the new setting to the machine. During transmission to the machine, the operation panel will change to the transmission display. When sending the new setting is complete, a page displays with that message. If any other changes need to be made, use the drop-down list to select the category for the setting.

11.Once all changed settings have been sent to the machine, click [Close].