4.5 Controls On Yamaha I-Pulse M4S Chip Mounter

Yamaha I-pulse Interface Upper Half Of The Diagram And Smema Interface Whole Diagram on M4S

(1) Axis Control: X/Y/Z/R/S axes, Semi-closed loop control with AC servomotors

(2) Position Control: Absolute method

(3) Data Input Increment: X/Y/Z/S 0.01 mm or 0.1 mil Rotation 0.01 degree

(4) Data Input Method: Manual, teaching, offline programming

(5) Memory Capacity: Max. 3000 steps per program, Max. 500 programs in the built-in hard disk

(6) External Memory: 3.5″ floppy disk 1 unit Hard disk 1 unit

(7) Display: One 15″ color CRT for operation and vision monitoring

English, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese / mm or inch

(8) Operation: Mouse, mini keyboard, operation switches

(9) Ethernet: Network standard IEEE802.3 Ethernet

Interface port RJ-45

Applicable network 10BASE-T

Data transfer rate 10Mbps.

(10) Up and Downstream Signals

Pre-process signal: Output by contact

Post-process signal: Output by current

i-PULSE Interface: Upper half of the diagram below

SMEMA Interface: Whole diagram below.