4.2 Maintenance Tasks for Base Machine Consumables, Spare and Wear Parts, Tools On ASM Siplace X Series

Overview of ASM Siplace Siemens X Feeders

4.2.1 Consumables, Spare and Wear Parts, Tools

Lint-free cloths [03082092-xx]

SIPLACE cleansing tissue [00315253-xx]

Protective latex gloves [00372972-xx]

Rust prevention spray WD40, 400 ml [00325833-xx]

Sheet of DIN A4 paper

ESD wristband [00320279-xx]

Vacuum cleaner with appropriate nozzle

New compressed air filter, if required:

– Filter element 5 μm [03050213-xx]

HSxx / D1 / D2 / D4 / SX series / X series from March 2008 pneumatic valve [03062274-xx]

(for [03060279-xx] pneumatic unit)

– Replacement filter for 5 μm compressed air filter for pneumatic valve [03038979-xx]

X series up to SN B089 [03004680-xx]

(for [03004151-xx] pneumatic unit)

– Filter element for 5 μm filter (new) for pneumatic valve [03039182-xx]

X series from SN B090 [03038691-xx]

(for [03038058-xx] pneumatic unit)

Filter element 40 μm (head exhaust air filter for X axis) [03003717-xx]

Cooling air filter Y-Achse (air filter unit for suction air filter) [00376006-xx]

Felt filter RFF-092-NV (axis and computer unit) [03006574-xx]

Filter unit – plastic grate (axis and computer unit) [03003425-xx]

Axial fan type 4414 FNN (covers) [03056479-xx]

Axis unit version 1 and 2 (center and bottom): axial fan 4414F 24 VDC [00319141-xx]

Axis unit version 3 (center and bottom): axial fan air vent 24 VDC [03057927-xx]

Fan unit for computer unit [03006602-xx] (not for BoxPC – the fan for the BoxPC is in the computer and is monitored by this.)

Weak or slightly alkaline cleaning agent, if required

4.2.2 Preparatory Steps

There must be no PCBs on the PCB conveyor for the following jobs.

Switch off the machine, disconnect it from the power supply and secure it to prevent unauthorized reactivation. Observe the instructions in section “1.2 Preparatory Work…” [ 11].