2.1.1 Installation Procedures for Panasonic Radial Lead Component Insertion Machine RHS2B

Here is the detailed information of Panasonic RHS2B NM-RA20A high speed radial lead component insertion machine.

Machine Condition

1. With the supplier and forwarder, check the covers, etc. of the machine and the system equipment for any flaw, deformation or smear. Make sure they are in normal and proper condition.


If considerable flaw or damage is found, contact Panasonic Factory Solutions for instruction.

Shipping List

1. Check the contents of the package according to the shipping list enclosed in the front cover of the main body.

Make sure that the package is complete and there are no missing components.


If any parts or accessories are missing, contact Panasonic Factory Solutions for instruction and report to the customer.


1. Remove the brackets fixing the XY table and head 1 and 2.
2. Disengage any strings tying the parts.