1.5.2. Creation And Editing Of Production Program Of 1.5. Control System Specifications On Samsung CP-45F(V)/FS High Speed Component Placer

The production program (Man-Machine Interface, MMI) is composed of the following data parts:

PCB data: data related to PCB

Placement data: data on the components to be placed on PCB including their positions (coordinates)

Component data: data related to the components

Feed data: data related to the feeder

Vision data: data related to vision recognition

Teaching: The pickups position or placement position can be inputted manually or by using a teaching camera. For easy teaching of the pickups position or placement position by using a camera, a cross-shaped cursor is provided on the teaching monitor screen.

Warning: During teaching, the operator or people near the operator could be injured due to operation error or insufficient checking of surroundings. Before start teaching, check the device to teach one more time, and check whether there is any worker near the machine.