1.2. Feeder Standard For Hanwha Samsung SME 8mm and 12~56mm Tape Feeder

SMT Feeder Part List of Hanwha EXCEN Series V 12mm Feeder MF2-1131/CO side a

Tape to be used/reel diameter/feed pitch/number of occupied slots according to feeder types

Table1.1 Types of feeder, width of the tape, and feed pitch

Type of Feeder [1] Width of the tape(mm) Feed Pitch (mm) Reel Diameter (mm) Number of occupied Slots
SME 8mm Tape Feeder 8 2, 4 ф178~180 1
SME 8mm Tape Feeder (L) 8 2, 4 ф178~330 2 [2]
SME 12mm Tape Feeder 12
4, 8, 12,16, 20, 24,28, 32, 36,40, 44 [3]
SME 16mm Tape Feeder 16 2
SME 24mm Tape Feeder 24 3
SME 32mm Tape Feeder 32 4
SME 44mm Tape Feeder 44 4
SME 56mm Tape Feeder 56 5


[1] Addition options including IT function and splicing detection function are available for each feeder type.

[2] For the 8mm large reel, it is possible to have the feeder occupy only one slot if its outermost width is less than 13mm.

[3] The actual part feed pitch of feeders larger than 12mm may be limited by the length in the part supply direction and reel pocket depth. For further details regarding this, contact our CS company (STS) and local agent after checking the corresponding dimension information.