Flying Vision Recognition System Of 1.2.2. Applicable Component Sizes For 1.2. Applicable Components and Packages on Samsung CP-45F(V)/FS

Samsung Advanced Flexible Component Placer CP-Series CP45F or FV CP45FS or FSV CP45F or FV/L CP45FS or FSV/L NEO

The sizes of components applicable to this equipment are prescribed in Table 1-2, and is applicable to general components usage as well.

Table 1-2. Applicable Component Sizes (vision recognition system)

1. Classification for CP-45FV Standard (FOV 25mm Lens):

Chips: 1005

IC, Connector: 22.0mm , Lead Pitch : 0.5mm

BGA,CSP: 17.0mm, Ball Pitch : 0.75mm

2. Classification for CP-45FS Standard (FOV 15mm Lens):

Chips: 0603

IC, Connector: 12.0mm , Lead Pitch : 0.5mm

BGA,CSP: 12.0mm , Lead Pitch : 0.75mm