Standard Parts of Panasonic Production Modular NPM-D3 Model No. NM-EJM6D, NM-EJM6D-MA, NM-EJM6D-MD, NM-EJM6D-A & NM-EJM6D-D

Panasonic KME NPM CM101 CM212 CM232 CM401 CM402 CM602 DT401 Intelligent Power Tape Feeder KXFW1KS6A00 12mm 16mm Emboss With Tape Splicing Joint Sensor side d

#1. Kit No.: N610160755AA | Kit Name: Main Body:NPM-D3

#2. Kit No.: N610165986AA | Kit Name: ADJUST BOLT(M42)

#3. Kit No.: N610162269AA | Kit Name: Label(Main Body):NPM-D3

#4. Kit No.: N610157832AA | Kit Name: Main Body (H):NPM-D3

#5. Kit No.: N610073583AC | Kit Name: CPU BOX & Wiring:NPM

#6. Kit No.: N610161320AA | Kit Name: POWER UNIT 1:NPM-D3

#7. Kit No.: N610161321AA | Kit Name: POWER UNIT 2:NPM-D3

#8. Kit No.: N610161322AA | Kit Name: Operation Parts (H):NPM-D3

#9. Kit No.: N610160756AA | Kit Name: X-Axis:NPM-D3

#10. Kit No.: N610160757AA | Kit Name: Y-Axis:NPM-D3

#11. Kit No.: N610162270AA | Kit Name: Label(X-Axis):NPM-D3

#12. Kit No.: N610162271AA | Kit Name: Label(Y-Axis):NPM-D3

#13. Kit No.: N610157818AA | Kit Name: XY-Axis Front Side Wiring:NPM-D3

#14. Kit No.: N610157825AA | Kit Name: XY-Axis Rear Side Wiring:NPM-D3

#15. Kit No.: N610157814AA | Kit Name: XY-Axis (H):NPM-D3

#16. Kit No.: N610041187AA | Kit Name: Head Camera:NPM

#17. Kit No.: N610052706AB | Kit Name: LED Lighting Unit:NPM

#18. Kit No.: N610161110AA | Kit Name: Head Option Driving Unit:NPM-D3

#19. Kit No.: N610160758AA | Kit Name: Whole Cover:NPM-D3

#20. Kit No.: N610162273AA | Kit Name: Label(Whole Cover):NPM-D3

#21. Kit No.: N610161827AA | Kit Name: Feeder Table Cover(Front Side):NPM-D3

#22. Kit No.: N610161828AA | Kit Name: Feeder Table Cover(Rear Side):NPM-D3

#23. Kit No.: N610162274AA | Kit Name: Label(Feeder Table Cover):NPM-D3

#24. Kit No.: N610161958AA | Kit Name: COVER(F/R):NPM-D3

#25. Kit No.: N610164932AA | Kit Name: Whole Cover (H):NPM-D3

#26. Kit No.: N610162347AA | Kit Name: Attachment:NPM-D3

#27. Kit No.: N610102541AA | Kit Name: Unit Exchange Tool