P Type SMT Nozzles for LEDs Compenent for Yamaha I-pluse M10 M20

1. Nozzle P298 | P/N: LC6-M77GY-AXX for CREE Xlamp XB-D LED component

2. Nozzle P088 | P/N: LC6-M77G2-AXX for SHARP GM2BBOCF20E and OSRAM LMW CNAP

3. Nozzle P288 | P/N: LC6-M77GS-AXX for OSRAM LS E65F,LA E65F

4. Nozzle P317 | P/N: LC6-M77J2-AXX for PHILIPS LUXEON T and Cree Xlamp XT-E、XP-G2

5. Nozzle P303 | P/N: LC6-M77H3-AXX for CREE Xlamp XP-G,XP-E and NICHIA NVSW119AT

6. Nozzle P292 | P/N: LC6-M77GW-AXX for NICHIA NVSW219BT

7. Nozzle P300 | P/N: SLC6-M77H2-AXX for CREE Xlamp XM-L

8. Nozzle P310 | P/N: SLC6-M77HS-AXX for PHILIPS LUXEON M

9. Nozzle P307 | P/N: SLC6-M77HK-AXX for CREE Xlamp MT-G

10. Nozzle P294 | P/N: LC6-M77E5-AXX for PHILIPS LUXEON Rebel ES

11. Nozzle P290 | P/N: LC6-M77GU-AXX for SAMSUNG LM561B

12. Nozzle P311 | P/N: LC6-M77E7-AXX for SAMSUNG SEOUL SEMI LM561A SSC-STW8R14C

13. Nozzle P312 | P/N: SLC6-M77E8-AXX for BETLUX 7020LED

14. Nozzle P293 | P/N: LC6-M77E4-AXX for NICHIA NS2W157R

15. Nozzle P295 | P/N: SLC6-M77E6-AXX for NICHIA NSSG100BT

16. Nozzle P304 | P/N: SLC6-M77H4-AXX for Doubu LED AT558OWPE3

17. Nozzle P305 | P/N: LC6-M77H5-AXX for NINEX 3528LED

18. Nozzle P055 | P/N: LC6-M772K-XXX for NICHIA NF2x757AR

19. Nozzle P056 | P/N: LC6-M772V-XXX for LG LEMWS51R80HZ10

20. Nozzle P053 | P/N: LC6-M772D-XXX for CITIZEN CLL130-0101A5-65CMB3 and Everlight 11-11/GKC-ZTVN/2T(ELJ)

21. Nozzle P315 | P/N: SLC6-M77EA-AXX for PHILIPS LUXEON 4014

22. Nozzle P299 | P/N: SLC6-M77H1-AXX for SAMSUNG LM231A

23. Nozzle P306 | P/N: SLC6-M77H6-AXX for NICHIA NS9W383T

24. Nozzle P297 | P/N: SLC6-M77GX-AXX for SEOULSEMI X42180

25. Nozzle P313 | P/N: SLC6-M77H7-AXX for VISHAY TEMD1020 TSMF1020

26. Nozzle P316 | P/N: SLC6-M77HY-AXX for Marubeni SMBB760D