X/Y Limit Was Not Detected Of X-Axis Frame on Samsung Techwin SM321 SMT Component Assembly Machine

X-Y Positioning System of Universal UIC 4796A/B/R/L High Speed SMC Placement System
Possible Cause:
1. Defective home sensor position/movement
1) Check the position and movement of the sensor
2) Axis Sensor Board (Check J9060162A)
– CN1 : Y1 Home / Y1 + Limit /Y1-Limit
– CN3 : X Home / X +Limit / X -Limit
Remarks: Rack Assembly, Cableway.

2. Defective coupling connection
Measures: Check the connection status of the coupling

3. Defective motor/motor driver
Measures: Check and replace the motor driver. (Check after replacement with other motor driver)
Remarks: Motor and driver

4. Defective coupling connection
Measures: Reconnect the coupling.