System Mechanics of UIC Universal VCD Single Head 8 Axial Lead Inserter (6687C) and Jumper Wire Single Head 8 (6683C)

X-Y Positioning System

The X-Y positioning system locates the printed circuit board under the insertion tooling and is equipped with a rotary indexing table that indexes in 90° increments, from 0° to 360° in a clockwise rotation. This rotary table is air motor driven under pattern program control
and requires less than one second to execute each 90° rotation.

The X-Y positioning system employs high performance brushless motors, with integrated encoder feedback. The system is controlled by the 680X0-based motion controllers. Automatic belt tensioning assures that belts are properly adjusted.

Machine Console/Covers

The machine covers serve two primary purposes. The first is to provide safety by preventing access to dangerous mechanical and electrical hazards. The second is to further reduce the sound level of the operating machine. It is important that the machine covers remain in place and fully functional for operational safety.
On Non-Pass Through, manual load machines, the positioning system and work board holders are exposed to allow the operator to load and unload printed circuit boards. There is a hinged cover that protects the operator from the moving parts of the insertion head. This cover is interlocked and will stop the machine if moved, and is coated to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD).
Note: This configuration is not CE-compliant.
On Pass Through, Automatic Board Handling configurations, the covers completely enclose the machine. The sliding covers on the front of the machine are interlocked, and are coated to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). To minimize recovery procedures, the machine should be at a controlled stop before opening the covers. Note: This configuration may be CE-compliant, depending on the selection of the Loader/Unloader.
When a head runs out of components, a “pop-up” screen is displayed on the monitor, indicating which head needs to be reloaded.