Incorrect values for max. and min. travel paths of Z axis in Siplace C&P20

The memory of the intermediate distributor can contain incorrect values for the maximum and minimum travel paths of the Z axis
Machie Model: Siemens ASM Siplace X2 X3 X4

1. Error/problem

After a C&P 20 placement head has been replaced, the values for zero point correction and the maximum and minimum position for the Z and star axes are read from the EPROM of the new placement head.
This data is transferred to the machine data with the “Head exchange” function in SITEST.
Sporadically, the head EPROM contains incorrect values for the maximum and minimum position of the Z axis.
These incorrect values must not be transferred to the machine data.It is not possible to set up and calibrate the C&P20 head with this incorrect data.

2. Solution

These values must be checked and changed if necessary each time the C&P 20 head is replaced.
Since these values can only be corrected in the machine data (SITEST), they must subsequently be transferred to the head EPROM.
If the “intermediate distributor” board is exchanged on the C&P 20, the data for the Z and star axes must be transferred from the machine data to the head EPROM !!
Please also take note of TI 2005-11E13 (sliding block reference run) !!

The correct values are:

Maximum position : 34000 (DIGIT)
Minimum position: -200 (DIGIT)