Starting by changing an existing job of FUJI NXT Scalable Placement Platform

Follow the steps below when changing a job that is currently complete for other machine types into a job with an NXT line. Generating recipes is not necessary for the NXT unless one wants to view reports. Because this job was already completed using other machines, panelizing, and importing data is not required.

1. Open the existing job.

2. Change the current line to the new NXT line. (NXT)

3. Enter the machine configuration and process data. (NXT)

4. Enter auto backup pin data. (NXT, only for equipped machines)

5. Change certain part data for the NXT. (NXT)

6. Assign marks to machines.

7. Line balance the work load. (NXT)

8. Optimize the job. (NXT)

9. Generate reports. (NXT)