Introduction for Job Builder of FUJI NXT Programming

The NXT represents a new concept in the SMT field and is very different from previous Fuji machines. Due to these differences, there some different procedures when programming for the NXT in Fuji Flexa. A brief listing of the major differences is included below.

The line configuration for NXT machines.
The machine configuration for the NXT
Line balancing is simplified
Optimization has been improved
Jobs are sent to the machine, not recipes
New vision types

It is important to point out that while there are some new procedures and options in Fuji Flexa for the NXT, that most of the settings and procedures have remained unchanged. Even in some cases, an existing process has been simplified or is easier to use.

The next chapter, Job Builder, covers the general programming procedures for creating jobs and the unique or special procedures for the NXT. The next chapter covers the part data settings required for the NXT in detail. Transmission is covered in the following chapter. In the following chapters, information about Fujitrax Verifier is provided.