Samsung CP-45F(V)/FS Appendix C Shuttle Tray Feeder

After the Shuttle Tray Feeder has been installed, register it from the “Tray Feeder Setting” dialog box (Sys. SetupÆTray) in Figure C-1 as follows.

1 Enter the Tray Feeder name to specify in the Name item.
2 Select ‘FW-20CS (Shuttle) (393221)’ from the Type item.
3 Enter the origin of Tray Feeder using the method same as that for setting the existing Tray Feeder.
4 Set the Channel and Comm ID for the communication between the CP45 equipment and the Tray Feeder.
5 Enter the PAD position of the Shuttle that is waiting for the component supply in the CP45 equipment.

As the Shuttle Tray Feeder does not occupy a separate Feeder Lane unlike the existing Tray Feeder, the default value is automatically set to Not Usable Lane.